Virechana therapy means ‘Purging’ it eliminates body toxins like vitiated ‘Pitta’. The procedure of cleansing is carried out in the small intenstine & other Pitta zones. Here drugs that stimulates bowel movement are increased for the expulsion of doshas through rectum. it help to cure diseases like

  1. Hyperacidity, Headache, Epitoxis
  2. Skin Diseases – Eczema, Psoriasis, Vitiligo, Urlicaria, Leprosy, Elepharnliasis, Recurrent Abscess.
  3. Hepatitis, jaundice , Paralysis, Piles, Chronic fever
  4. Worms, Gouf, Goiter, Anaemia, Obesity.
  5. Buring palm, Sole, Eyes.
  6. Male Infertility – Ougaspemia, Asthenospermia
  7. Virechan Karma aims to eliminate doshas from kidney, lungs & sweat glands which is otherwise not possible by ‘Vaman Karma’