Vamana is a cleansing procedure intended mainly for the expulsion of vitiated ‘Kapha’. This is a painless, drug induced emetic procedure, Carried out mainly in the vasant Rhutu is feb , March , April months.

Vaman should be introduced in :

  1. Asthama, Bronchilis, Cough, Cold.
  2. Allergic Rhintis, Recurrent Tonsilitis.
  3. Diabetis, Anaemia, Food poisoning.
  4. Obesity,Epilepsy.
  5. Infertility – P.C.O.D. Falopian Tubal Block,  Uterine Fibroids.
  6. Skin Diseases – Psoriais,  Acne, Vitiligo, Urticaria.
  7. Hyperacidity, Hypercholestrenia
  8. Hypo or Hyperthyroidism