Enema of medicated oil or decoction is given through Rectum Vitiated ‘Vata’ can create various health problem. Basti releases obstructions in the way of vata doshas and thus regulates the normal phenomenon of vata. Different types of medicated oils, ghrutas, milk or decoctions are used for Basti treatment. It can state miracles if administered in a proper way with appropriated medicines.

  1. Chronic Constipation, Irregular Bowel Habits.
  2. Infertility – Irregular Menes, P.C.O.D. Dysmenorrhea, Fallopian Tubal Block.
  3. Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Paralysis, Joint Pains, Tingling & numbness.
  4. Spondylosis, Spondylitis Slip disc
  5. Purpose of weight gain and loss, kidney stone, Epilepsy , Worms.
  6. Secretions in the colon are promoted by Basti karma there by insuring a good health. It increases colonic Peristalsis, producing rapid elimination of the swool.